Protein Shakes and Smoothies by The Smoothie Bar (St. Louis, MO)


Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain muscle, recover from a workout, feel more satisfied during mealtimes, or just want to maintain lean muscle, consuming appropriate amounts of protein is important each day. With increasingly busy schedules, protein shakes and smoothies are convenient ways to get enough protein into your diet.


Our protein shakes redefine the standard of smoothies. We use the highest quality whey protein formulated at cold temperatures for optimal absorption. You won’t find any processed fruit juices or sugary syrups behind our bar.

The sugar found in our shakes come from naturally occurring sucralose in fresh fruit and milks, easily converted to energy by the body.

How to supplement protein shakes and smoothies into your diet
Just stick a straw in our cup and leave all the thinking to us. Our protein shakes are a delicious replacement for any meal. Rather than skipping meals or failing to maximize your workout, substitute a protein shake to help you refuel and make it to the next mealtime.


the smoothie bar was started by Jillian Tedesco, owner and founder of fit-flavors, personal trainer, and chef. Her balanced and sustainable philosophy towards food is experienced in the smoothies and meals -lean proteins, low glycemic index carbohydrates, healthy fats, and portion control – all to save you time and help you live a healthy lifestyle.