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About Us

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The smoothie bar was started by me, Jillian Tedesco, founder and owner of fit-flavors, your #1 choice for healthy meals to go. Having so much success helping people find an easy way to eat healthy, we decided to take it one step further to fill a need for real protein shakes and smoothies.

Thirty years ago protein powders were used by body builders and avid gym goers. Today, smoothies, shakes, post workout drinks, liquid meal replacements, call them what you want – they’re everywhere. To be honest, the majority of these drinks are anything but healthy. Some contain more sugar than three candy bars.

At the smoothie bar, we offer a balanced approach to smoothies, just like our meals. With healthy fats, slow digesting natural carbohydrates, and fortified with arguably the best protein on the planet, we have succeeded in redefining the standard of a healthy smoothie. Every smoothie has a purpose.

I love creating flavors for our dishes, so I wanted to bring that element to the smoothie bar. This drink will keep you full, blood sugar stable and taste buds buzzing using real ingredients for true flavor. It is my promise to only deliver a product I would personally use in my own home. I hope you enjoy these smoothies as much as I do and know you will feel great drinking them!

Be healthy,

Jillian Tedesco

About fit-flavors:

fit-flavors makes healthy meals to go! Shop at a convenient storefront location seven days a week just as you would grocery shop—-no need to order ahead.
Choose from over 60 items, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, vegetarian, soups, salads, and snacks, made with all natural ingredients, hormone and antibiotic free proteins including local grass-fed-to-finish beef, free range eggs, wild caught or sustainably raised seafood, happy pork, and no preservatives or artificial additives. Enjoy fresh, healthy meals prepared six days/week and ingredients made from scratch—-this includes all soup stocks, salad dressings, and sauces. Meals are individually packaged, portion controlled, and sold fresh.
We, along with the smoothie bar, are making St. Louis healthier, one person, one meal at a time. It’s our mission to be your first choice in healthy eating!