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Chia seed – Legend has it that the Aztecs and Mayans used to fuel performance. Great fat, protein and fiber boost.

Ground flaxseed – Ground seeds are absorbed into our system for optimal omega 3 benefits.

Greens Blend – A blend of seeds, nuts, seaweeds, fruits and veggies for a natural energy boost.

Creatine – A pre workout boost to add hydration and energy to cells.

Glutamine – An amino acid that assists in post workout recovery; essential to your body’s production of many chemicals that it needs, including other amino acids and glucose.

Ignition – A blast of carbohydrates great pre and post workout to help protein absorption.

Ginseng – Believed to provide and boost energy.

How to supplement a protein shake into your diet

Just stick a straw in our cup and leave all the thinking to us. Our protein shakes are a delicious replacement for any meal. Rather than skipping meals or failing to maximize your workout, substitute a protein shake to help you refuel and make it to the next mealtime.

Why is it considered a meal replacement?

Our protein shakes contain a healthy balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. This balance of macronutrients enables each of our shakes to become a satisfying way to have an energizing meal on the go. Being busy is no longer an excuse for skipping vital mealtimes which can lead to a slower metabolism and weight gain.

Benefits of adding Chia Seeds to your smoothie

Legend has it that the Aztecs and Mayans used chia seeds to fuel performance. “Chia” comes from the ancient Mayan word for strength. This superfood is concentrated with healthy omega-3 fatty acids, protein, fiber, antioxidants and calcium. Chia seeds expand in your stomach helping you feel full longer and slowing down the absorption of food. Boost up your smoothie with some heart healthy chia seeds.

Benefits of adding Ground Flaxseeds to your smoothie

Did you know the only way to absorb all of the nutrients in flaxseed is when it is ground? Ground flax seed helps keep you feeling full longer with it’s high fiber content and also contains healthy plant estrogen and antioxidants. Add some healthy cancer fighting omega-3 fatty acids to your smoothie with ground flaxseed.

Benefits of adding Greens Balance to your smoothie

Find it hard to get all your fruits and vegetables in each day? Greens is packed with antioxidants and phytonutrients from whole fruits and vegetables to support good health. Add a colorful serving of vegetables to your shake with just one scoop of Greens Balance.

Benefits of adding vegan protein to your smoothie

Add our high quality protein to your smoothie for muscle repair and maintenance that is 100% vegan. This protein is perfectly balanced with a unique blend extracted naturally from pea, rice, and cranberry. It is easily digested, keeps you feeling full longer and helps avoid sugar spikes with it’s low glycemic index. Get satisfaction out of your shake by adding our vegan protein to your smoothie.